Support literacy, see the Don Quixote exhibition and browse bibliophile treasures.Enjoy free entry to the Salon International du Livre Rare de l’Autographe in the Grand Palais on 23 April in exchange for a donation to UNESCO’s South Sudan literacy project. Look out for the Miguel de Cervantes exhibition.AMSTERDAM: Frank Rutten, Sascha Kok and other Amsterdam booksellers are staging a ‘UNESCO Night of the Books’, with music and theater.HAARLEM: Visit a pop up book market on Kruisstraat in the historical centre of Haarlem.GRONINGEN: Antiquariat Isis, ILAB’s only member in this part of Holland, is staging a special pop up celebration at Folkingestraat in Groninge.Antiquarian booksellers will pop up in the foyers of Copenhagen libraries.STOCKHOLM: The Stockholm Culture Night celebrates art, music, dance and literature throughout the Swedish capital. Look out for Mats Petterson, Mats Rehnstrhm and other Swedish booksellers popping up at the Royal Swedish Academy of Art to present treasures from the history of printing in Sweden.LUND: Pierre Dethorey fromAkarps Antikvariat at Kalkstensvgen 21 is organizing a special exhibition of more than 200 Swedish chapbooks and catch penny prints.Booksellers from the Antiquarian Booksellers Association (ABA) and colleagues in the Provincial Booksellers’ Association (PBFA) will join together at one of Britain’s largest book fairs, the Oxford Premier Fair, on April 23 and 24, to support the UNESCO initiative..

Renzi dovrebbe spaventarsi di questo. Insomma, il premier non ha capito che la gente infelice. Altro che vinto, Renzi ha perso. Based on 85 in depth interviews with 10 to 11 year old children throughout Northern Ireland, this paper argues that it is necessary to focus on the social relations of children if we are to understand and prevent childhood smoking. Addressing the complex issue of childhood agency, it is argued that regardless of various restrictions to their choices, children can act intentionally in constructing their identities. Instead of viewing the smoking children as communicating with the adult world, we focus on smoking as negotiation of status [.].

This work presents some preliminary considerations concerning a group of terracotta architectural features held in the rich and interesting archaeological collection of the Fermo Town Museum, which continues to be woefully under reported in academic literature. The collection, officially created in 1890 thanks also to the contribution by eclectic antiquity enthusiasts, such as Carducci and the De Minicis family, consists of thousands of artefacts and coins, mostly from the protohistoric and Roman periods, with significant Etruscan, Greek and late Antiquity testimonies. In spite of its heterogeneity, its relevance to different cultural facies, its fragmented nature and the lack of contextualisation of its exibits, the Fermo collection constitutes a precious example of archaeological collecting in the Marches between the XVII and XIX centuries.

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